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What are they?

If you are out to buy 4x4 tyres, you should know what it is. Do not just buy it because your driver suggested or your mechanic told you so. Getting the proper tyre for your vehicle is important for many reasons.

4x4 tyres are definitely different from standard tyres, that too in many ways. The common people mostly are unaware of this and so it is very easy to be misled by such people.

These tyres are mainly used for Sports Vehicle Utility cars (SUV). Ordinary tyres are not fit for such cars and thus 4x4 tyres came into existence. Their designs and structures are so that they can give better performance than the normal tyres.

4x4 tyre types 

4x4 tyres can be either on-road or off-road tyres. Some of the broadly distributed 4x4 tyre types are:

Mud Terrain 4x4 tyres
All Terrain 4x4 tyres
High Performance 4x4 tyres

Mud terrain 4x4 tyres are good for mostly off-road driving as it has maximum traction capacity. Its designs are such that can run through muddy regions smoothly. If you drive mostly off-road and on muddy roads, this is your kind.

All terrain 4x4 tyres are excellent for both on-road and off-road driving. These are also popular in the market for its longevity.

High performance 4x4 tyres are the ones fitted in the high end cars like BMW X5 and Cayenne of Porsche, etc. These tyres have features like that of the performance tyres. They provide amazing grip and traction on-road. The tread design is made in that way.

Some of the most popular 4x4 tyres in the market are:

1. BF Goodrich’s All Terrain T/A KO2

2. Michelin’s Cross Climate SUV

3. Goodyear’s Wrangler HP A/W

4. Avon’s ZX7

Different in ways from standard tyres

  • Unlike 4x4 tyres can make driving possible in the case of both on-road and off-road drives. So if you by chance have driven out of the track for some time, your 4x4 tyres Maidenhead are fine.
  • The design and structure of 4x4 tyres is different from the standard tyres with big tread blocks which are good for heavy vehicles.
  • 4x4 tyres are wider and tread design being different provides better grip

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