Alloy Wheel Painting

alloy wheel painting

Alloy wheels are excellent wheel options for a vehicle as they help it in achieving superior performances and enhancing its overall look. However, over time, the wheels tend to lose their paint and start to rust. Wheelworkz provides you with the best alloy wheel painting Maidenhead motorists can count on.

What is alloy wheel painting?

Alloy wheel painting refers to giving an attractive and elegant finish to the wheels with the help of a paint thinner, metal spray paint, clear coat spray, and self-etching primer. The service involves cleaning of the wheels using a spray of wheel cleaner or soapy water. Once done, a clean rag is used to remove any debris, or residue that is present on the wheels. After this, experts use a wire brush and sandpaper to remove rusts and paint chips from the wheels. 

Once all the cleaning is done, the tyres are masked to prevent them from paint. Further, several coats of primer are applied before the paint can be applied. Once done, the wheels are painted professionally by our experts.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Painting

Variety of colours

Customers can choose from a huge variety of alloy wheel colours that are guaranteed to increase the overall look of your car.

Smooth and shiny finish

Layers of primer and paint help to provide a smooth and glossy finish to the wheels that prevent wheels from rusting.

Low initial cost

Alloy Wheel respray is a lot cheaper than powder coating and provides a better result as well.

List of custom alloy wheel paints and finishes (based on availability)

  1. Rainbow and crystal finish over base colours
  2. Rim highlights
  3. Satin, Matte, or lacquer rim finish
  4. Chrome paint effect
  5. Highlighted spokes
  6. Gloss-black

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