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Alloy Wheel Painting

Alloy wheels are the best choice for people looking to achieve a stylish look for their vehicles. However, the shine and finish of your car’s alloy wheels degrade with time. To bring them back to their original looks alloy wheel repainting Ascot should be done on time. Wheelworkz is the best garage to get a top-notch alloy wheel resprays Ascot and painting.

What is alloy wheel painting?

The process of painting the alloy wheels with new and shiny paint to obtain an excellent finish is known as alloy wheel painting. Generally, our wheel painters Wokingham clean the alloy wheels with soapy water to remove any dust and debris that may be stuck inside the wheel rim. Once done, a wire brush is used to remove the old paint chips and rust from the surface of alloy wheels. 

Finally, the tyres are masked to prevent them from being painted. Once, the tyres are masked, experts at Wheelworkz spray coats of quality primer to the wheel to ensure a smooth adhesion of paint. After this, your car’s alloy wheels are painted using the paint of your choice. 

Benefits of Alloy wheel painting

Astounding looks

The choice of paints and finishes at our garage can enhance the overall looks of your wheels to a great extent.

Low initial expense

Alloy wheel repainting Wokingham is cheaper than powder coating sprays. This helps you to save a lot on the expense of wheel painting.

Rust prevention

Getting an alloy wheel painting for your car’s alloys ensure a new look and also prevents any rust or corrosion from building up.

Different alloy wheel paints and finishes at our garage (based on stock availability)

  1. Matte and Satin
  2. Highlighted spokes and rim
  3. Black gloss
  4. Rainbow finish
  5. Chrome finish
  6. Crystal finish
  7. Steel grey

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If you desire to get the best wheel finishes and alloy wheel paints, you should visit, Wheelworkz to experience a whole new world of colours and wheels. Moreover, our wheel painters Ascot have plenty of experience in alloy wheel respray Wokingham. 

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