Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

alloy wheel powder coating

If you are looking to provide your alloy wheels with a stylish look, you should get an alloy wheel powder coating done from Wheelworkz. 

What is alloy wheel powder coating?

The process of applying a clear coat of powdered particles on the alloy wheels using an electrostatic charge is known as powder coating. This service uses a spray gun to apply powdered particles to the alloy wheels. Once done, the powder is cured under the heat to provide a shiny and glossy finish to your car’s alloy wheels. 

Experts at Wheelworkz recommend getting an alloy wheel powder coating done if you want superior finish for your car’s wheels. 

Benefits of alloy wheel powder coating Maidenhead

Durable finish: Powder coating is done via an electrostatic charge that offers a more durable and hard finish as compared to the conventional liquid paint.

Entire wheel coverage: Unlike the conventional paint, powder particles can easily reach even the most difficult spots of the wheels irrespective of the design complexity.

Eco-friendly: Powder coating methods do not transmit solvents or harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This helps to increase the eco-friendliness of the paint job.

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