Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Ascot and Wokingham

Alloy Wheel powder coating

Alloy wheels enhance the overall look of a vehicle. Further to provide excellent finish to the wheels, the alloy wheels are coated with powder. This makes the vehicle stand out of the crowd. Wheelworkz offers great alloy wheel powder coating services. You can choose from a variety of colour options as per your choice. Be it a glossy or matte finish, you name it and we will do alloy wheel powder coating Ascot for you.

What is alloy wheel powder coating?

Alloy wheel powder coating is defined as the process of enhancing the decorative finish of the alloy wheels so as to make them look attractive. In this process, the powdered particles are sprayed with the help of a spray gun which is electrostatically charged onto the surface. Then the sprayed surface is placed inside the curing oven which helps the powdered particles to settle and let dry. The process is easy and less time-consuming. The final result of the process will make the alloy wheels look exactly like new ones.

Experts at Wheelworkz are highly skilled and always available to cater to your requirement.

Benefits of alloy wheel powder coating

Entire wheel coverage

Irrespective of the design of the alloy wheels, the alloy wheel powder coating Wokingham is easy to perform and can cover the most difficult spots to reach.


Alloy wheel powder coating is considered as more environment friendly as compared to other conventional methods used for alloy wheel coating. There are no solvents used in this process; hence, no hazardous chemicals are released in the environment.

Enhanced Finish

The finish of the powder coating is more smooth and durable as compared to conventional wet paints used for alloy wheel coating.

Reduced processing time

As the powder is being used in the process, it takes less time to be sprayed as compared to wet paints; hence, reducing the overall processing time of the alloy wheel powder coating Wokingham.

Where to get Alloy wheel powder coating done?

Wheelworkz provides many other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing along with alloy wheel powder coating Ascot. We also provide tyres from renowned tyre manufactures like Dunlop, Nexen, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. If you are in need of tyre replacement, make sure to check our collection of tyres as well For further details, you can call us at 01344304868, 07831809685.

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