Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Windsor and Berkshire

Alloy Wheel powder coating

If you are thinking to give a new look to the alloy wheels of your vehicle then you should get alloy wheel powder coating done today. This process makes the alloy wheels look brand new and prvodie excellent after finish. You can choose from a variety of finish like matte or glossy finish to it as per your liking. Wheelworkz is one of the reliable places to get the alloy wheel powder coating Windsor done at unmatched prices.

What is alloy wheel powder coating?

The process of applying the powdered particles on the alloy wheels with the help of electrostatic charge is defined as alloy wheel powder coating. The charged particles stick to the surface on which alloy wheel powder coating Berkshire is done. After that, the surface is exposed to the heated oven so as it provides the uniform layering.

Alloy wheels powder coating greatly enhances the decorative finish of the surface.

Benefits of alloy wheel powder coating


Alloy wheel powder coating is long-lasting and is more efficient than other methods used for painting the wheels. Powder coated alloys are more resistant to chipping or scratches.


The process of alloy wheel powder coating makes the alloy wheels resistant to corrosion. This increases the life span of the alloy wheels.

Environment Friendly

Alloy wheel powder coating is considered as more environment-friendly as it does not release harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and any spillage can be easily cleaned.

Less Processing time

The process of alloy wheel powder coating Windsor is more time efficient as compared to other wet paints as there is no solvent used. The drying time is also less.

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