Alloy Wheel Repair

alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheels have become an uprising trend in the automotive market because of their looks and performance. However, like any other components, they also need to be repaired at times to prevent certain risks. Wheelworkz is always ready to serve the people of Maidenhead with a reliable alloy wheel repair.

What is alloy wheel repair?

Alloy wheel repair refers to filling up of the cracks and damages in the wheels by using special tools and fillers. Generally, the procedure begins with cleaning the wheel to reveal all traces of dust and debris. Once cleaned and dried-up, high-grit sandpaper is used to smoothen the surface of the wheels. After this, a special filler or putty is used to cover the cracks and damages on the wheels. 

However, if the cracks and dents are beyond repair, you must replace your alloy wheels with new ones.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Repair

Reduced expenses

Getting your alloy wheels repaired at the correct time prevents you from buying a new set of wheels. This helps to reduce the added expenses as new wheels come very expensive.

Enhanced visual appeal

Alloy repair Maidenhead cater to any cracks and dents that may spoil the look of the alloys. Therefore, a repair service restores the visual appeal of your wheels excellently.

Increased safety

Driving a car with damaged alloy wheels can adversely affect the rotation of the tyres. This lead to unstable vehicle. Therefore, an alloy wheel repair Maidenhead is essential to prevent such issues.

Symptoms of a damaged alloy wheel

Inefficient braking 

If you try to stop your car and it pulls to one side, it is a sign of a bent or cracked alloy wheel rim. Moreover, you will also notice an increase in braking distances as well.

Visible damages 

In case you notice any cracks or damages on the alloy wheels, you must take it for repair.

Sudden vibration 

A damaged alloy wheel can mimic the properties of a flat tyre like sudden vibrations, heavy vehicle, and loss of air pressure. 

Reasons for a damaged alloy wheel

  1. Driving over any kerb or pothole disturbs the car’s suspension and disrupts the wheels as well.
  2. Driving with flat tyres also damages the wheels as they absorb the impacts of bumps on the roads.
  3. Driving over salted winter roads can cause severe damage to the wheels because of its reactivity with salt.

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