Alloy Wheel Repair Wokingham and Ascot

Alloy Wheel repair

Alloy wheels work to enhance both the looks and performance of your car. They are able to do so because of their shiny looks and lightweight. However, they go through a lot of damages that must be repaired on time. Wheelworkz host a team of talented experts that provides you with professional alloy wheel repair Wokingham.

What is alloy wheel repair?

The process of repairing any minor cracks or dents on the alloy wheels is known as alloy wheel repair. Generally, the process begins with cleaning the alloy wheels using mild soapy water to remove any traces of dust and debris that may be stuck inside the spokes or rims. However, any damages lying on the rim area cannot be repaired because of the road laws of the UK. In such a case, you must replace your vehicle’s alloy wheels to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Wheelworkz recommends getting a wheel rim repair Wokingham done as soon as you notice any potential damages or inefficient performance from your car.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Repair Ascot

Enhanced comfort

Experts at Wheelworkz use adequate tools and equipment to repair the damages within your car’s alloys. This allows proper coordination between the wheels and suspension, so you can drive comfortably even on rough roads.

Increased visual appeal

Any cracks or dents present on the alloy wheels can give a poor and shabby look to your car. That’s when alloy repair Ascot comes into action and restores the original looks of your shiny alloys.

Reduced expenses: Our experts work to repair all possible damages within your car’s alloys, so you do not have to spend extra on buying new alloys.

Dangers of not getting an alloy wheel repair

Risk of a tyre blowout

Driving on a damaged set of alloy wheels can disrupt the coordination between tyres and wheels that can lead to a tyre blowout as well. Therefore, you must get an alloy repair Wokingham done as soon as possible if the wheels of your car are damaged.

Improper navigation

Wheels are major components of the suspension system as they work with the steering wheel to provide you with precise navigation. However, any wheel damages can disrupt this functioning and affect the steering of your car.

Increased carbon emissions

Bent or dented wheels leads to an increase in the rolling resistance because of their heavyweight. This can lead the engine to burn more fuel and emit increased carbon pollutants.

Symptoms of damaged wheels

  • Visual inspection to detect any cracks or dents on the wheel
  • Vehicle pulling itself to one side and inefficient braking performance 
  • Sudden vibration in the steering wheel or passenger cabin

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