Alloy Wheel Restoration Berkshire and Windsor

Alloy Wheel restoration

It is vital to maintain a proper set of alloy wheels to enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience. If you are looking to ensure this condition for your car’s alloy wheels as well, you should get an alloy wheel restoration Berkshire done from Wheelworkz. We provide the best wheel reconditioning Windsor and restoration services at affordable prices.

What is alloy wheel restoration?

Alloy wheel restoration is the process of repairing and mending the cracks and dents on your car’s alloy wheels. Experts at Wheelworkz perform this service by giving your car’s alloys a thorough washing and cleaning. This ensures removal of dust, debris or any residue that may have been adhered to the alloys. 

However, you must keep in mind that alloy restoration cannot be performed on wheels with major damages and cracks. This is because the road laws of the UK set some guidelines regarding repair of wheels and tyre punctures. Therefore, any major damage in the wheel rim area that cannot be repaired requires a replacement of the wheel. 

Benefits of alloy wheel restoration

Reduced costs

Our experts ensure a precise repair so that none of the cracks are left untreated on your car’s alloys. This prevents you from buying new and expensive alloys.

Enhanced looks

Wheel restoration Windsor works to fill any cracks or damages that may be spoiling the overall looks of your vehicle.

Improved comfort

A proper set of alloy wheels work to provide you with smooth handling and efficient braking as well. This help to increase your driving comfort even on rough roads. 

Risks of not restoring your alloy wheels

Major safety threat

Driving with cracked or bent alloy wheels can increase the friction between the wheels and tyres that can lead to a tyre blowout. Such a situation can become a huge safety threat to you.

Increased pollution

Damaged alloys wheels work to increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle that leads the car’s engine to burn more fuel. This results in an increase in the air pollution.

Reduced comfort

Improper alloy wheels can affect the coordination of brake rotors and affect your car’s performance as well. This can lead you to face a lot of discomforts while driving on uneven roads.

Symptoms of damaged alloy wheels

  1. Inefficient handling and poor agility while cornering
  2. Increased fuel-consumption because of high-rolling resistance
  3. Visual inspection to detect cracks and damages

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