Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment

alloy wheel diamond cutting

Diamond cut alloys have been setting the trend for the automotive market for some time now. They provide an extra-shiny look to the wheels for better visual appeals. However, they must be repaired and refurbished from time to time if you do not want to lose them to significant damages. Wheelworkz is the one-stop solution to get the best diamond cut alloy refurb Maidenhead for your car’s alloy wheels.

What is diamond cut alloy refurbishment?

The process of repairing any cracks or damages present on the wheels with the help of lathe and diamond cutters is known as diamond cut alloy refurbishment. Generally, our experts perform this refurbishment by cleaning your car’s alloy wheels with a solution of soapy water, so all the residue of dust and debris comes out. 

Once the wheel has been cleaned and dried, it is painted with the colour of your choice. After this step, the damaged and bent layers of wheels are removed using lathes and a diamond cutter. Moreover, the wheels covered with a layer of lacquer for cracks, damages, and provide a shiny look to the wheel as well.

Advantages of diamond cut alloy refurbishment

Excellent looks

The diamond cutter used for sanding of the wheels provides an elegant finish to the wheels. This ensures the next level of looks for your vehicle.

Increased safety

Experts at Wheelworkz repair your car’s wheels for all possible damages, so the coordination between tyres and wheels is maintained properly. This ensures optimum safety for you and your passengers.

Reduced expenses

Maintaining a proper set of alloys prevents you from spending extra money on a wheel replacement. Therefore, you should get a diamond alloy wheel repair Maidenhead donefrom Wheelworkz.

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