Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment Ascot and Wokingham

Alloy Wheel diamond cutting

Diamond cut alloys have become quite a fashion in the automotive industry. They enhance the looks of a vehicle to a much greater extent as compared to steel wheels. However, they cannot function optimally until they are refurbished and repaired correctly after a damage has occured to the wheels. Wheelworkz hosts skilled experts that refurbish your diamond cut alloys Ascot professionally.

What is diamond cut alloy refurbishment?

Diamond cut alloy refurbishment refers to repairing wheel damages using a diamond cutter, lathes, and a layer of lacquer to provide an excellent finish to your wheels. The service begins with cleaning the alloy wheels with soapy water to remove any residues of dust, dirt, and grime. In case, these residues can not be removed by cleaning, a lathe is used to remove them from the surface. 

Once the cleaning process is complete, wheels are painted using the colours of your choice. After this step, a diamond cutter is used to support the lathe and remove the damaged area of the wheels. Finally, a sheet of lacquer is added to provide an excellent finish to your car’s alloys.

Advantages of diamond cut alloy refurbishment

Outstanding finish

The lacquer layer and our quality bespoke paints provide your car’s alloy wheels with excellent colour and finish that enhances the overall look of your vehicle.

Improved safety

Diamond cut refurbishment is a modern way of repairing the cracks and damages that hinder the coordination between wheels and tyres. Therefore, a diamond cut alloy refurb Ascot ensures optimum safety.

Reduced expenses

Getting a diamond alloy wheel repair Wokingham, takes care of all the damages and paint chips on your wheels. This prevents you from getting an expensive wheel replacement.

Risks of driving on damaged alloy wheels

Tyre Blowout

Neglecting the damages within your alloys can increase the tension between the tyres and cause a major blowout. Therefore, you should get a diamond cut alloy refurb Wokingham done as soon as possible.

Spread of rust and corrosion

Driving on a damaged set of alloys leads to spread of rust and corrosion to other parts of the car. This causes inefficient braking and poor driving experience as well.

Increased pollution

Damaged alloy wheels can increase the rolling resistance of the vehicle. This leads to an increase in carbon emissions and pollution in the atmosphere.

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