Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Windsor and Berkshire

Alloy Wheel diamond cutting

With the advent of alloy wheels, the overall look of a vehicle has greatly been enhanced over the years. Alloy wheels are highly regarded for their better performance and stylish finish. Wheelworkz is a popular place for offering excellent diamond cutting of the alloy wheels. To obtain elegance with the alloys finish, we recommend motorists to use our diamond cut alloy wheels Windsor service. We use diamond cutters installed in our lathe for precise and accurate finishing.

What are diamond cut alloy wheels?

With time alloys lose their lustre to the road grime and brake dust. In normal cases, these dust particles can easily be removed from the wheels with the help of soap and water. But, sometimes these particles stick to the roots of the wheels and can only be removed by rubbing them against a lathe. When a diamond is used as the cutter for the wheels, the process is termed as diamond cutting.

With the help of this process, we adequately remove the scratches and damages from the wheels. In the process, wheels are first painted by powder or traditional paint technique for the desired colour. The wheels are then rubbed against a diamond cutter. The wheels are precisely shaved off to remove scratches and dust particles. The maximum depth to which the wheels are shaved is 0.2mm in one turn. The wheel is turned and the depth of the cut is increased until the damage is removed completely.

Diamond cut alloy wheels Berkshire are then provided with a coat of resistive lacquer. The lacquer layer prevents the finished wheels from further damages and scratches. Also, the layer ensures that no development of corrosion takes place on the surface of the wheels.

At Wheelworkz you can choose from a variety of tinting options for your diamond cut alloy wheels Windsor. We make sure that wheel cutting done at our garage leaves no marks of damages and scratches. Also, the finished alloy wheels are sure to greatly enhance the overall look of the vehicle.

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