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Just imagine yourself driving after getting your car’s tyres repaired. You increase the speed and hit the highway, but all of a sudden you hear a tyre burst. As it turns out, the victim turns out to be your front tyre. Irony strikes when you come to realise that the burst tyre is none other than the one you just got repaired.

It wouldn’t have happened had you chosen the right set of tyres. Selecting a renowned brand like Michelin is imperative for every car owner when it comes to reaping the best performance. Therefore, at Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service, we provide you with the most competent deals regarding the best tyre brands. One of them being the good old Michelin.

The trusted companion of your car - Michelin tyres

Our experts at Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service provide the clients with the best set of tyres for their vehicles. We do provide Michelin tyre packages at the best rates possible. Before knowing about the deals which we do have in store for our customers, let’s first identify the possible causes of damage that can plague the tyres:

  • Poor service record.
  • Driving at high speeds on rough terrain.
  • Taking sharp turns.
  • Pothole damages.
  • Concrete pavement damage.

One should look for Michelin tyres as they have a good rubber quality, coupled with a wide range of tread options that provide excellent grip on the road. Our experts have been dealing with tyres for a very long time. Therefore, they do possess the knowledge needed to repair tyres at any time, anywhere.

How experts maintain their Michelin tyres?

Our professionals at Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service have a few tips that they do share with every client they come across. These tips provide a useful insight towards the ongoing problems as well as the ways they can be detected. They are:

  • Get your tyres checked at regular intervals, say every 3-4 months.
  • Avoid overspeeding at all times.
  • Do not hit high speeds at low tyre pressures.
  • Always get your tyre pressure checked, once every week.
  • Choose the best tyres for regular usage.

The experts always strive towards providing clients with the best piece of advice there is. This helps us in evaluating your vehicle before narrowing down to the choice of Michelin tyres accordingly. Our equipment being top-notch also helps us in knowing the shortcomings of the damaged tyres.

Looking for us is no tough ordeal

If you are facing tyre-related troubles, you can always contact us via different platforms. You can contact us via phone calls, emails, text messages, by visiting our website, via several social media platforms, etc. You can also visit us and get your tyres fixed, or even get a brand new set of Michelin tyres Maidenhead. We’ll always be there to look after your tyre-related problems.



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