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wheel alignment

Adjustment of the wheel’s angle with the car according to the specifications of the car manufacturer is known as the alignment of the wheels. Wheel alignment is an extremely important part of car servicing as the control and handling of it depends a lot on this.

Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service is here for helping you with front wheel alignment. We are just a call away in case you want professional front wheel alignment. You can also mail us or book an appointment.

Wheel alignment is broadly of two types,

  1. Four wheel alignment
  2. Front-end alignment

Though both alignments are extremely important, we specialise in front end alignment only. The two front wheels require more frequent alignment checks as their movement is more and the controlling highly depends on them.

Importance of wheel alignment

A vehicle coming out of the factory has all the alignments checked and done properly. But with time and use of the car, the alignments change. Bad roads and rough driving can be the most common reasons for it.

  • Proper wheel alignment keeps the alignment of the car right. Driving is made smoother and safer that way.
  • Checking wheel alignments shall assure the owner longevity of the tyres. Wear and tear is less of the tyres when regular alignment check is done of the car.

Signs to read for misalignment

  • If you feel your car slipping to one side, it’s probably the wheel alignment.
  • There is a vibration of the steering wheel which can also indicate a alignment issue of the wheels.
  • No such proper indication lights are made for understanding reduced wheel alignment. Drivers need to be very cautious and conscious about the slightest reduction of the tyre handling and control which marks misalignment of the wheels.
  • Driving straight just does not happen and it can be dangerous and too risky for you and your family. So if you see your car shifting from the center automatically, it is the alignment to be blamed.

Advantages of wheel alignment

  • Better life of the tyres with least possible wear and tear due to regular checking of the wheel alignments
  • Better control and handling of the wheels is assured with proper front wheel alignment
  • Smooth driving that too in the right direction is guaranteed only after fixing the front end alignment of the wheels
  • Less consumption of energy by the car which means fuel efficiency is a positive output after fixing the alignment. Increased performance is an addition to this

Why choose us?

Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service specialises in front wheel alignment Maidenhead and so we have experts that have the best skills in handling such cases.

Usually, understanding the misalignment of the wheels is not possible unless it is in a very bad condition. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the front wheel alignment routinely and that too by professionals.

Stop thinking anymore and visit us or maybe call or email us. We are happy to help.

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