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wheel balancing

You press the accelerator pedal; the car starts to move. But upon increasing the speed, the car begins to vibrate violently. You pull on the side of the road and start to look for the reason behind this violent vibration. Bewildered, you keep looking for the source of the problem but to no avail.

Wheel imbalance can happen due to a number of reasons. These reasons can plague your car for a prolonged period, resulting in some severe accidents as well. When faced with such problems, Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service garage is always there for you and your car.

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Wheel imbalance can be caused due to several terrain-related conditions as well as the condition of the car as a whole. At Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service, we take care of your car’s wheel balancing problems with the best team and equipment available.

Wheel imbalance can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Reckless driving at high speeds.
  • Taking tight turns.
  • Not avoiding potholes.
  • Damage due to harsh terrain.
  • Dislocation due to a minor accident.

Our professionals scan the car’s axle assembly for possible damages. Upon detecting the damages, a thorough diagnostics check is carried out using the best equipment. The results are recorded, and the experts fix the balancing issues within a few minutes or so. While at it, we also remain watchful for various other issues that might be hindering your car’s performance.  

Consequences of improper wheel balance

Imbalance in the alignment of wheels can cause a plethora of ailments to the car as well as the driver. Frequent vibrations can in turn damage the axle and sometimes lead to the breaking off of the wheel as well. This can lead to situations where the driver’s safety can be in jeopardy. There are numerous underlying reasons as to why wheel imbalance does occur in cars. Having proper knowledge regarding the reasons will always help you out in some or the other way.

The consequences of wheel imbalance in cars can be listed as follows:

  • Constant vibrations while driving at normal speeds.
  • Speed reduction.
  • Handling problems.
  • Wheel dismounting.
  • Tyre bursts.
  • Rim damage.
  • Axle damage.

Our team of professionals has been working on wheel imbalance issues for a very long time. The experience and knowledge have enabled us in improving our standards. Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service garage has been taking care of wheel imbalance related anomalies with utmost efficiency while ensuring the correct results at the same time.

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At Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service, we take care of the trickiest situations our clients pose us with. Our services have garnered the praise of the customers. If you want to book an appointment, then you can contact us via email, phone call, text message, our website, social media outlets, etc. You can also get along with our experts at any time by visiting our garage as well. We’ll be glad to take care of your wheel imbalance problems.

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