Wheel Welding Repair

wheel welding repair

Alloy wheels work for a variety of purposes like enhancing your driving comfort and improving the looks of a car. However, the fact that cannot be ignored is alloy wheels are not as sturdy as steel wheels and need to be repaired as soon as damage is found. Wheelworkz is the one-stop to get the best alloy wheel straightening Maidenhead and wheel welding repair.

What is wheel welding repair?

Wheel welding is the process of repairing any cracks on the wheels with the help of a tungsten inert gas welding. This service begins with straightening out the wheels using an equal amount of heat and pressure from the hydraulic rams. Once the heat and pressure correct the position of the bent wheel part, it becomes ready to be welded. 

The welding process involves a welding torch of inert tungsten gas to help correct the shape of your car’s alloys. Also, the welding process includes a filler rod material to cover for cracks and bends on the alloy wheel. 

Situations when wheels need to be welded

Abrasions or scratches: In case your car hits a kerb or a pothole, your wheels are likely to be scratched. Deep scratches can easily be repaired with the help of a wheel welding repair Maidenhead at Wheelworkz.

Wheel chipping: In case your car goes through an accident, some alloy chips of the wheels may come out of them that can deteriorate the looks of your car. This damage can easily be repaired by filler material used in wheel welding.

Wheel separations: Any separations present on the structure of your car’s alloys can easily be repaired with the help of a welding.

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