Wheel Welding Repair Ascot and Windsor

Wheel welding repair

Alloy wheels are used in vehicles for better comfort and enhancing their overall look. Just like any other component in a vehicle, these wheels are also prone to damages. Damages like cracks, cuts and splits can efficiently be repaired by wheel welding. The process includes repairing a crack in the alloys without making them soft. Wheelworkz is one of the best places to get alloy wheel straightening Ascot done. The experts, at Wheelworkz, check the alloy wheels thoroughly and provide optimal solutions to wheel damage problems.

What is wheel welding repair?

The process of repairing the cracks and splits in alloy wheels with the help of tungsten inert gas torch and crack filling material is known as wheel welding repair Windsor.

There can be numerous reasons for the cracks to develop on the alloy wheels like driving over deep potholes or driving over raised manhole covers, corrosion, meeting with kerbs, etc.

The process starts by straightening the wheels with the help of a hydraulic ram under optimum pressure and temperature. The next step is to use tungsten inert gas welding torch and an electrode which helps to rectify the damages in the alloy wheels. The filler rod material is filled between the two ends of broken alloy wheels which helps to join the ends together.

Afterwards, the welded area is smoothened and even repainted with the matching alloy wheel colour for the required finish.

Why Us?

Wheelworkz is a one-stop solution to for best welding solutions for the alloy wheels. All the alloy wheel damage repair Ascot are performed by our skilled experts which promise to provide high customer satisfaction.

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