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Wheel welding repair

Alloy wheels are part of a modern evolution that provides your car with an astounding look and excellent performance. Moreover, their lightweight and exciting benefits help you to save extra money on fuel efficiency as well. However, these wheels get damaged with time. To maintain their proper functioning, damaged alloy wheels should be repaired adequately. Wheelworkz has all the required tools and equipment to provide your car with a wheel welding repair Berkshire.

What is wheel welding repair?

The process of repairing the cracks, and damages on the alloy wheels using a tungsten inert gas welding torch is known as wheel welding repair. Generally, the process involves an alloy wheel straightening Wokingham, so the heated wheel parts do not go out of proportion while welding. Our experts, straighten your car’s alloy wheels using heat and pressure from hydraulic rams. This corrects the position of any bent or cracked alloy wheels that may disturb while welding.

Finally, a welder torch is used that can create enough heat to reshape the damaged alloy parts. Along with that, a filler rod material is used to cover the holes and cracks and complete the alloy wheel damage repair Wokingham.

When should I get a wheel repair?

Wheel chipping

If by any chance, you encounter a minor accident, your car’s alloy wheels are likely to fade out and produce some steel chips or shavings. This can easily be repaired using the filler rod material used in wheel welding repair Wokingham.

Wheel Denting

Your car’s alloy wheels may incur some dents if you accidentally hit a kerb or a pothole. Therefore, you must get an alloy wheel damage repair Berkshire done as soon as possible for better performance.

Scratches or abrasions

Over time, the alloy wheels of your car go through scratches and abrasions. The tungsten inert gas electrodes used in welding can easily restore the alloy wheels back to their original condition.

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