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Ever cursed the weather for being off-road during winters? Well, next time reserve some of that for your lack of preparation too! Or maybe not!

Tyre Wise Mobile Tyre Service brings to you the best of winter tyres from renowned brands at affordable prices— right at your doorstep.

What are winter tyres?

Designed to be used in low temperatures and slippery roads, winter tyres are characterized by 3 distinct features: Tread pattern with grooves cut into it (displacing water—helping the tyre to bite into snow and ice), more silica content (making them soft and supple even at freezing temperatures) and rubber blocks designed to vibrate when on the move, dispelling any snow that the tyres may have picked up.

It is important to understand that winter tyres are not ice tyres, or even snow tyres, that is, they do not have metal studs projecting outwards from the tread.The tiny grooves in them bite into snow, ice and sludge—ensuring better braking and traction. Also, the deeper tread grooves present on them gather and hold snow, achieving a better grip and control on them.

From the end of November to the start of March, winter tyres become a crucial factor for your vehicle in staying on-road.

Can you use winter tyres in other seasons and other roads?

Winter tyres provide better grip even on a bone dry surface as long as the ambient temperature is less than 7 degree Celsius. They are also instrumental in clearing standing water, which means they are also more efficient than summer tyres when it’s raining. Intuitively, it is not recommended to use winter tyres in summer for they wear out relatively faster in and provide less grip and traction in warm weather.

Some ‘should know facts’ before you buy a new set of winter tyres:

Tread – Grip is a factor to look out for when you weigh the parameters while buying a winter tyre. 1.6 millimetres of tread depth is the legal minimum chosen for winter tyres. However, a minimum of four millimetres of tread depth is the benchmark set by tyre expert for safety reasons.

Assembly – Different tyres can cause the car to skid even with moderately strong braking. Hence, it is advised to get an assembly of winter tyres for all four wheels, whenever you think of installing them.

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